Promises And Graces To Those Who Wear The Purple Scapular 

All those who will carry it will be preserved from;
1) Sudden death
2) Accidents
3) Thunder
4) During chastisements they will be protected

“My children, any soul, any person who will possess this scapular, will see his family protected, his house will also be protected, firstly from conflagrations, which will never penetrate it.”

“This scapular which is being presented for the first time, will accord a new protection for the time of chastisements, calamities and famine. All those who wear it, will be able to be out in time of tempests, storms and darkness – they will have light a in full day. This is the power of this unknown scapular.


Vision and Promises of the Purple Scapular Given To Julie-Marie Jahenny


Marie-Julie Jahenny (left) reliving the crucifixion during ecstasy. a woman transcribes the inspired messages, 1930.


Here is what the Holy Virgin shows me on Her Immaculate Heart-

It is a large scapular, larger than ordinary scapulars, it is a little larger than the palm of the hand. It is a pretty violet, nearly the color of a violet. Here is what is on top: — in the middle are the three nails which crucified Our Lord on the Cross, they are placed above each other, not quite in the shape of the Cross, and at the point of each nail, there is a drop of ruddy blood.

Above the heads of the nails, there is a kind of large sponge which has pieces of bark that stand out, it is a little like bales of oats. The three drops of blood join to fall into a small chalice painted red, and the chalice is surrounded by a crown of thorns, there are three little Crosses engraved on the front of the chalice. That is the side of the scapular which is on the middle cloak of the Holy Virgin.

I notice that this scapular is held with two violet ties which go over each shoulder, there are three knots on the left shoulder and two on the right.

The other side of the scapular represents the Holy Virgin Mary sitting, holding Her Adorable Son in Her arms, the mouth and the head of Our Lord rest on the heart of the Holy Virgin.

At the bottom of the scapular, and nearly at the feet of Our Lord, is an Angel dressed in white, with curly hair; he has on his head a white crown, his belt is red. He holds in his hands a white cloth with which he wipes the feet of Our Lord.

Next to the Angel, on the right side of the scapular, there is an engraved ladder. Behind Our Lord, on the left, is the reed of the Passion painted red, but there is no sponge. The tears of the Holy Virgin flow onto Her breast, to the right and fall to the feet of the Angel. The scapular is edged with a red band and the cords are made of wool.

Now my dear child, says the Blessed Virgin Mary to me, let me give you the explanation of this scapular. I am addressing you, My victim and My servant.

“My children of the Cross, for a long time My Son and I have wished to make known this scapular of benediction. This scapular, My children, is modeled on My Heart, because My Heart is the emblem of simplicity and humility, which explains the color of violet. The nails which have pierced the feet and the hands of My Son are barely venerated and are venerable, that is why My Son, in His Divine Wisdom, has had three nails painted on the front of the scapular.

Those three drops of blood and the chalice represent the generous hearts gathering the blood of My Divine Son. The red sponge will represent My Divine Son drinking, in a certain sense, the sins of His children, but which His adorable mouth refuses. I wish that the background (usually) black of the scapular should be violet, but I wish that the nails, the chalice, the sponge and the crown should be on a dark red piece of flannel.

The Blessed Virgin Mary presents the scapular to Our Lord who, in His turn says:

“I am addressing myself to you My victim and also My victims and My servant, My children of the Cross, I wish to and I come to give you an idea and a deep thought: When taking Me down from the Cross, I was given to My Mother, that descent, that thought, that devotion is little known. I wish that by the reproduction of this scapular, it should enter the hearts of My children of the Cross, and that they hail Me by these three greetings (The Crux Ave):

–I hail Thee, Jesus crucified, to let me live.
–I hail Thee with all the joy of the Angels and of the Saints on bringing Thee down from the Cross.
–I hail Thee with all the sorrow of Thy Mother when Thou rested on Her Immaculate heart and on Her lap.

“My children, very few souls think of wiping the adorable wounds on My feet when the blood flows and I wish this representation to be known. Little thought is also given to the tears shed by My Mother during My Passion: those tears are at the feet of the Angel who wipes My sacred feet. By this scapular, I wish you to think about that ladder, that reed and those nails of My Passion.”


Promises Given For The Purple Scapular

“This scapular which is being presented for the first time, will accord a new protection for the time of chastisements, calamities and famine. All those who wear it, will be able to be out in time of tempests, storms and darkness – they will have light a in full day. This is the power of this unknown scapular.”

“My children, each soul, each person who will possess this scapular, will see his family protected, his house will also be protected, firstly from conflagrations, which will never penetrate it. This scapular will strike down any ungrateful people who will blaspheme My Name in the house where it will be exposed. If an impious enters, he will be so struck that his conversion will occur. All those who will wear it will be protected from thunder, sudden death and accidents. During the chastisements they will be protected. Whoever places it in the Holy Temple, will drive out the impious and the profanations.

Our Lord also adds that by reminding an obstinate soul about this scapular at the time of death, it will reawaken in it faith and conviction, that all those who will think about it and love it, will be spared the pains of the soul, that those who will wear it will be sheltered from all danger as if they possessed Heaven.

Finally, this scapular will be a means of offsetting the blows of just Divine Anger which thus, will not weigh down on souls.”

Our Lord says again:
“Every priest can bless this scapular. When wearing this scapular, souls should pray 5 or 7 times the ‘CRUX AVE’ and meditate for 1 to 3 minutes on My Passion. I will grant great graces to those who will like to wear this holy Cloth.”



Fr. Ripperger On The Purple Scapular (Catholic priest & exorcist)


“The Purple Scapular was given by Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenney… And many things that she predicted came through. I’m not sure why the church hasn’t really pursued it too much, but when she asked about the chastisement, Christ said it is going to come in three ways.


The first way is that man will become so sinful that God will intervene. This was in the 30’s I think or 40’s that she got these revelations. And then He said after that the heads of world government will become indignant that God got involved and they would unleash two of their own. Which will seem to fit Akita, because Akita said, if man isn’t careful, the chastisement will come from his own hands.

He said that by the time you get to the third wave of the chastisement, it will be so bad, that the bodies will be stacked in the streets and there will be diseases, that are completely unrecognizable. It’s going to be something biological, at least if her revelations are true.

So she asked Christ for a scapular to protect so that those who had it, would be protected from the effects of the chastisement, so He gave her the Purple Scapular according to the revelations.

It’s just that my basic theory is, well even if it’s not true, having this thing there, as a sign or indication to God or act of devotion to God, that you want His protection during the chastisement, doesn’t seem bad to me.”

— Source: Our Times Part IV: Q & A w/ Fr Ripperger (Dec 12, 2017)


Some Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny


A Period of Mercy before the Days of Justice and Chastisements

(September 29, 1881): St. Michael to Marie-Julie:

“Friends of the Sacred Heart, I stay with you, your company is that of Jesus, you are generous and brave soldiers. The Lord desires me to tell you these words: ‘Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.”


St. Michael then shows her a sword with which he will help the faithful Christians in the evil times: “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, (he shows her his own sword next to the other) they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.”(February 20, 1919)


Our Lord warned Marie-Julie:

“As long as My people will not return to the faith, I will punish in many ways. I test just souls, (ie through sufferings and trials) and I take their tests of pure gold to compensate Me and console Me. A very sensitive pain that is tearing My Divine Heart, it is that I see the faith fall, even in many of My dear ministers: the zeal, dedication, falling with the faith. Ah! My Divine Heart is grieved and saddened. I assure you that on earth, for now, Satan wins, he is full of victories, he triumphs, he dominates, he loses souls, he is sowing disorder and anxiety in My most beloved of the chosen and the closest to My Divine Heart.

Ah! If My people returned to MERCY! At an instant, I will forgive all, I will forget everything, I will save all souls, I will take away the calamities, I will precipitate Satan with all his minions to the bottom of the abyss.But no, no, very few return to grace; indifference is everywhere, souls are lost without regret and precipitate into the abyss without reflection. And yet My Divine Heart desires that the triumph is complete.”


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    At first I was daunted by the international shipping cost. I placed an order for family members and 2 friends and we are very pleased with the scapulars. It worked out to be very feasible.

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    The Marie Julie Scapular was worth my money.

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    I’m pleased with this scapular. Its well I highly recommend. Please note it is larger than the brown scapular.

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    The Purple Scapular is for the time that is now upon us. We are witnessing the church and society enter into a downward spiral. Our Lady of Kibeho, warned the world was heading into an abyss.

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    I believe this scapular is specifically for this time. It calls us to reflect on the passion of Christ and the passion of the church. The color and images symbolizes this. Our Lord and Our Lady have been gracious to bless us with this protection because evil and harm is prevalent and will increase.

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    I recommend each Catholic household has at least 1 purple scapular. As Fr. Ripperger explained, it is at least trust in God for His protection. Have them blessed by a priest first!

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