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“Pray, pray, my son, the Rosary for all the world. Tell believers and non-believers that the world is threatened by grave dangers. I ask the Lord to appease His justice, but, it you don’t change, you will hasten the arrival of the Third World War.”

~ Our Lady Of Cuapa



“See the desolation which surrounds the world…the sin, the sloth, the genocide. Oppression and wars continue to occupy the minds and hearts of many people. If there is not a return to Christianity in Russia, there will be a Third World War; the whole world will face ruin. Say the Rosary. It is the weapon against Satan. He fears the Rosary.”

~ Our Lady In Kiev, Ukraine


“With this(the rosary), one wins the battles.”

~ St. Padre Pio


Daily recitation of the rosary in the family was once widespread. How worthwhile would such a practice be today! Mary’s rosary removes the seeds of family breakup; it is the sure bond of communion and peace.

~ St. John Paul II


“Love the Madonna and pray the rosary, for her rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today.”

~ St. Padre Pio


“Mary has recommended the Rosary at Lourdes and Fatima because of it’s exceptional value for us and our times.”

~ St. Padre Pio


“Countless families the world over invite Mary to their homes through the family rosary. She comes. They sense her presence. They solve their problems because where Mary is present there is Christ, her Divine Son.”

~ Servant of God Patrick Peyton


“When you get tired reciting the Rosary, rest a bit, and then restart again.”

~ St. Padre Pio

E-Book Download

Purple Scapular of Protection

*** Promise of Protection From;

Sudden Death, Fire, Calamity, Accidents, Disease, Famine, Chastisements 

Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give special protection.


“The Purple Scapular was given by Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenney… And many things that she predicted came through… He (Jesus) said that by the time you get to the third wave of the chastisement, it will be so bad, that the bodies will be stacked in the streets and there will be diseases, that are completely unrecognizable… So she asked Christ for a scapular to protect so that those who had it…”

— Fr Ripperger (Priest, Exorcist)

Purple Scapular of Marie-Julie Jahenny of Benediction and Protection Wool

Purple Scapular of Protection


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