Purple Scapular

1What Is a Sacramental?
“Sacramentals obtain favors from God through the prayers of the Church offered for those who make use of them, and through the devotion they inspire.”

The catechism teaches us that sacramentals are “holy things or actions of which the church makes use to obtain for us from God, through her intercession, spiritual and temporal favors.”

A sacramental is anything set apart or blessed by the church to excite good thoughts and to help devotion. It is through the prayers of the church offered for those who make use of these sacramentals, as well as through the devotion they inspire, that they convey and obtain God’s grace and blessings.

Sacramentals are not unlike the sacraments in that they are channels of grace and can obtain for us these benefits:

1.Actual graces
2.Forgiveness of venial sins
3.Remission of temporal punishment
4.Health of body and material blessings
5.Protection from evil spirits

Since they are blessed objects, sacramentals should always be treated with reverence and devotion. It is a custom of Catholics to kiss a rosary or scapular that they have accidentally dropped on the ground. The sign of the cross or a genuflection should be made deliberately and prayerfully.

Sacramentals should not be thought of as contracts, investments, or good luck charms. To wear the scapular does not give us free reign to commit mortal sin and still be assured of heaven. The power of sacramentals, then, depends greatly on the devotion of both the priest who gives the blessing and the person who is receiving the sacramental. They depend on the prayers of the church, the prayers of the blessings that are imposed on them, and the merits of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother, and the Saints.

Regarding blessed objects of devotion, it is good to remember that it is the blessing the priest gives an object that makes it a sacramental. The blessing gives God ownership over the object and dedicates it to Him, and He then works through it. This is why it is very important to have sacramentals blessed; without the blessing they do not hold any of the graces of benefits promised by the Church.
2What are the Promises and Graces attached to the Purple Scapular?
1) Protection and Graces when WORN:

Our Lady:
“This first apparition of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements, of the calamities and the famines. All those who are clothed (with it, i.e wear it) shall pass under the storms, the tempests and the darkness, they will have light as if it were plain day. Here is the power of this unknown scapular.”

2) Graces and Promises by POSSESSING or CARRYING it: (i.e have it on your person, and also reverently displayed in your homes). This extends to “ALL” for the grace of conversion of sinners and blasphemers as well as for the benefit of faithful believers.

Our Lord:

“My children, all souls, all people who possess this scapular, will see their family protected, their home will also be protected, first of all from fires, which will never enter there. This scapular will strike down the ungrateful which blaspheme My Name in the home where it will be displayed. If an impious person enters, they will be so completely struck that their conversion will be close.

All those who will CARRY it will be preserved from:
Thunder, sudden death and accidents.
During chastisements they will be protected.
That all those who will have it and think upon it and love it, will be spared the troubles of soul.
That those who will carry it will be sheltered from any danger as though they already possessed Heaven.
That this scapular, finally, will be as a lightning rod under which the blows of Just and Divine Wrath will not dwell."

3) Protecting Churches: Displaying it for veneration in a Church will protect that church from impious people and from profanation.

4) Simply DESIRING to wear it: Our Lord: “I shall grant great graces to those who desire to be clothed in this Holy Habit.”
3Can any Priest Bless the Purple Scapular?
Yes, any validly ordained Catholic priest may bless it. Like all sacramentals it must be blessed to receive the graces.
4Is there a Particular Blessing which the Priest should say?
There is no particular blessing that was revealed for it. Priests may use the regular blessing for sacramentals at the present time.
5Are there any specific Prayers of the Purple Scapular?
As Our Lady presented the Scapular to Our Lord, She turned to Marie-Julie and said:
“I address you, My victim, and also My victims and My servant, My children of the Cross, I see and I come to give you an idea and profound thought: during My descent from the Cross they handed Me to My mother, this descent, this thought, this devotion is little known.
I would like by this reproduction on this scapular, that it pass into the hearts of the children of the Cross, and that they salute Me by these three salutations:

I salute You, Jesus crucified, that you grant me life. I salute You with all the joy of the Angels and the Saints in Your descent from the Cross. I salute you with the sadness of Your Mother when you reposed on her heart and on her Immaculate lap.

Our Lord asked that we meditate for at least 2- 3 minutes on His Passion, and pray 5 to 7 times the following ”Crux Ave’ prayers.

Crux Ave #1: “O, Crux Ave! Spes unica! Et Verbum caro factum est! O Jesus, vanquisher of death, save us!” (O hail to the Cross! Our only hope! And the Word was made flesh.) This first part must be said in Latin, and you must be “carrying” the Scapular for this prayer. Wearing it would be best!

Crux Ave #2: I salute you, I adore you, I embrace you, O Adorable Cross of my Saviour. Protect us, guard us, save us. Jesus loved you so much, following His example, I love you. By your holy image calm our fears. That I feel only peace and trust!

Marie-Julie Jahenny

1Who is Marie-Julie Jahenny?
Marie-Julie Jahenny was born on February 12, 1850 in Blain (Brittany). Her mother immediately consecrated her to the Blessed Virgin, she was baptized the day after her birth, on Ash Wednesday.

Marie-Julie was three or four years old when the Jahenny family came to settle in La Fraudais. From an early age, she had a great love for prayer and the Cross, she imposed formidable mortifications on herself without the knowledge of her parents.
2The mystical life of Marie-Julie
On January 6, 1873, during high mass, Marie-Julie felt extremely tired. The doctor hesitates: stomach cancer or scrofulous tumor… On February 15, he declares her lost, she receives Extreme Unction.

On February 22, we waited for her last breath, she lost consciousness, then, coming to herself: ” Don’t cry, she said, I will not die, I saw the Blessed Virgin who announced my healing to me for the 2 May at three o’clock in the evening “. The Blessed Virgin was dressed in white and was leaning on a large white cross, she announces her sufferings and promises her to return.

On March 15, the Blessed Virgin asks her gently if she wants to accept the wounds of her Son, and also to suffer the rest of her life for the conversion of sinners? “ Yes, my Good Mother, if my Jesus desires it, I submit to his Will. — My dear child, this will be your mission. Mary promises to return on the day of the Holy Wounds with her dear Son.

The stigmatization therefore took place on March 21, 1873 in the presence of many witnesses. Our Lord appeared to her with his five luminous wounds from which, successively, a ray issued which struck the hands, the feet and the side of Marie-Julie, leaving there the marks of the crucifixion; blood flowed; Marie-Julie announced that it would sink again the following Friday. At one o’clock in the afternoon she began her first Stations of the Cross. From that day until her death, every Friday she will live the Passion of Our Lord. She received the crown of thorns on October 7 and the shoulder wound on November 25.

Shortly after, the Blessed Virgin announced a great favor to her: ” She will be the wife of Jesus ” This mystical alliance was fixed for February 21, 1874. witnesses officially chosen by the bishop. Like many great mystics, Marie-Julie experienced the inedia or miraculous total fast, without any food, solid or liquid, Holy Communion being sufficient to sustain her. A first time this miracle lasted 94 days, she had announced it in advance as she did for the second period which will last 5 years, 1 month and 22 days from December 28, 1875.

After her stigmatization, Marie-Julie’s life will be nothing but a succession of supernatural events: miraculous communions and inexplicable healings… celestial visions and prophecies on the future of the Church and of France… spiritual canticles, where are hidden, under poetic images, the realities of a high mysticism…

In the cell of the stigmatized, countless visitors also received graces and comfort: healing of bodies and conversion of souls… vocations announced or confirmed… immolations accepted…

From June 1880, and for four long years, Marie-Julie was deprived of hearing, speech, sight and the use of her limbs. However, deaf she heard and understood the word of the priest when he spoke to her in Latin, she who had no education; deprived of the use of speech, in her ecstasies her tongue loosened; blind, she saw the apparitions of Heaven, which was then manifested by the beauty and the vivacity of her gaze; stricken with paralysis, every Friday for an hour she could make her Stations of the Cross.

Marie-Julie, whose mission was to snatch souls from the empire of the devil, could not fail to draw upon her the rage of hell. Like the holy Curé of Ars, she had to undergo numerous and furious attacks.

Two bishops of Nantes were favorable to Marie-Julie: Mgr Fournier who came to see her at La Fraudais and went to Rome to defend her cause, and Mgr Le Fer de la Motte who also visited her. Cardinal Pacelli, future Pius XII, discreetly went to La Fraudais in July 1937, when he came to Paris and Lisieux. However, Marie-Julie was persecuted and despised by some members of the local clergy. Marie-Julie died peacefully on March 4, 1941, she was then 91 years old.

Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny

1A Period of Mercy before the Days of Justice and Chastisements
September 29, 1881): St. Michael to Marie-Julie:
“Friends of the Sacred Heart, I stay with you, your company is that of Jesus, you are generous and brave soldiers. The Lord desires me to tell you these words: ‘Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.” St. Michael then shows her a sword with which he will help the faithful Christians in the evil times: “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, (he shows her his own sword next to the other) they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.”

Our Lord warned Marie-Julie:
“As long as My people will not return to the faith, I will punish in many ways. I test just souls, (ie through sufferings and trials) and I take their tests of pure gold to compensate Me and console Me. A very sensitive pain that is tearing My Divine Heart, it is that I see the faith fall, even in many of My dear ministers: the zeal, dedication, falling with the faith. Ah! My Divine Heart is grieved and saddened. I assure you that on earth, for now, Satan wins, he is full of victories, he triumphs, he dominates, he loses souls, he is sowing disorder and anxiety in My most beloved of the chosen and the closest to My Divine Heart. Ah! If My people returned to MERCY! At an instant, I will forgive all, I will forget everything, I will save all souls, I will take away the calamities, I will precipitate Satan with all his minions to the bottom of the abyss.But no, no, very few return to grace; indifference is everywhere, souls are lost without regret and precipitate into the abyss without reflection. And yet My Divine Heart desires that the triumph is complete.”
2Prophecies of God's Justice
Marie-Julie announced that three quarters of the population of the globe will disappear in the last crisis; terrible earthquakes, epidemics of unknown diseases whose ravages would be frightful, terrible famines, inclement weather, cyclones, rising seas that would cause terrifying tidal waves.

The last crisis will be divided in three parts :

— The first, long and painful when divine vengeance will be manifested during which the most guilty will be destroyed. – This blow of justice will only irritate them.

— The second will be shorter but more formidable, more sinister: My Divine Son, seeing that all these blows cannot bring back His people to pardon and mercy — lost souls — will strike again more fearfully…

— The third: Everything must be lost from top to bottom. That, my dear children, is when Saint Michael the Archangel, who is awaiting orders from Heaven, will descend with his armies to fight with my good children, the True and Good Children of Victory, Justice will pass everywhere. During all this time you will not have BREAD of the STRONG…No Apostles, You will have only your faith as food, My DIVINE SON AS SOVEREIGN PRIEST to forgive you.

My dear children, all the souls living in His Divine Heart will run no danger ; they will only have a faint knowledge of His anger. They will be enclosed in this immense sea of prodigies and power, during these great blows of divine justice. (17th of August 1905).
3Three Days Darkness
Marie-Julie announced the three days of darkness during which the infernal powers will be loosed and will execute all the enemies of God. THE EARTH WILL BECOME LIKE A VAST CEMETERY. The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground. The famine will be great… Everything will be thrown into confusion… THE CRISIS WILL EXPLODE SUDDENLY ; THE PUNISHMENTS WILL BE SHARED BY ALL AND WILL SUCCEED ONE ANOTHER WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. . . (4th January 1884).

— The three days of darkness – WILL BE ON A THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady. .. three days less one night.

— THE EARTH WILL BE COVERED IN DARKNESS, AND HELL WILL BE LOOSED ON EARTH. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power, to die of fear. During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once. AND HELL WILL BE LOOSED ON EARTH. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power, to die of fear. – Our Lady on 20th of September 1882

— During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once.

— The sky will be on fire, the earth will split. . . During these three days of darkness LET THE BLESSED CANDLE BE LIGHTED EVERYWHERE, no other light will shine .. .

— NO-ONE OUTSIDE A SHELTER,., will survive, THE EARTH WILL SHAKE AS AT THE JUDGEMENT and fear will be great. Yes, We will listen to the prayers of your friends ; NOT ONE WILL PERISH. We WILL NEED THEM TO PUBLISH THE GLORY OF THE CROSS. (8th of December 1882).


And Our Lady states : — Everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which the blessed candle is burning. This will not shake. You will all gather around with the crucifix and my blessed picture. This is what will keep away this terror.

— During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on THE MOST HIDEOUS SHAPES… red clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of the thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season. The earth will be shaken to its foundations. The sea will rise, its roaring waves will SPREAD OVER THE CONTINENT.

— The wicked will commit all kinds of horrors. The Holy Hosts will be dispersed on the roads .They will be discovered in the mud. The priests as well as the faithful will pick them up and WILL CARRY THEM ON THEIR BREASTS (17th of October 1883).

I understood that the angels would carry away many tabernacles from the churches to shield the Holy Sacrament from the outrages. (23rd of December 1881).

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